Welcome to Dr. Reid Daitzman, Ph.D.

I can help you overcome your problems. I am a highly trained and seasoned clinical psychologist practicing in Stamford, Connecticut for over 37 years. I specialize in short-term interventions. I am easy going and informal. I would be happy to discuss your problem with you and if I am not the right fit refer you. Please call at 888-435-3319 or 203-349-8180 and leave a message.

If we schedule an appointment, the first meeting is a paid consultation (at my discussed fee) to assess your specific circumstances. I then frame what I will do, provide a more complete office policy and structure a treatment plan. Be confident and optimistic that things will change.

Go to “Contact Us” for directions. Please park under the building. Take the elevator to the second floor to #209 (make a left) and knock on my door. There is NO need to “report” to the front desk on the first floor.


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